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Essence of Creation retreat ~ 25 to 28th of April 2024

25 April @ 20:00 - 28 April @ 16:00

The Miracle of Creation..

Everything you do, everything you plan, everything you dream or desire is a process of creation. In this three-day retreat into the ocean of creation, we explore what is still holding us back from living our dreams fully!

Every day, we will dive into our temple. Through the way of silence, the way of nature, the way of yoga and the way of dance.

The essence of this retreat: purification and creation

Purification: all the elements of this retreat revolve around purification! The silence, yoga, nature will support you in this. The Sufi dance is a healing dance that is ideal to purify our inner waters. We enjoy me-time while doing a relaxing spring cleanse for the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Creation: whether you are facing a new phase, a new project or another creation, or wish to open up to a new path for yourself or your relationship. The secrets of the process of creation will certainly come in handy. We expore this through guided meditation, creative expressions (drawing, painting,..) and Vision Dance.

7 elements programme of each day:

* Silence of Nature

* Water: Movement Meditation

* Earth: Slowing Japanese Butoh movements to briefly let go of the speed of the outer world and dive into the timeless freedom of your soul. We also connect with the Earth every day during our walks in nature.

* Wood: Tibetan Tantrayana yoga and Tog-Chöd sword yoga

* Fire: Freedom dance & Vision Dance

* Air: Vision and creation

* Chi: Healing Sufi dance, dance of love and freedom

The Sufi dance is a way to purify our inner self to get to the universal source in us. It is a beautiful dance combining the vertical connection with the Masculine principle – beautiful thoughts, wisdom and action and the Feminine principle – beautiful feeling, love and being. When the masculine and feminine energy in you are dancing together, when they both marry in your Heart, you are bringing beautiful Children into the world: your dreams, your actions and deeds.

In these times it is important to step through the big changes, to explore and take creative actions on your path. This retreat will support you in this.

Welcome Whirling Heart!

Accommodation during your stay

During the retreat you will stay overnight at Chamai, in the Old Presbytery of the village of Hodister, in the Ardennes. You will stay in a spacious room with 2 or 3 people. Private rooms are only possible with a limited number of registrations and on payment of an extra fee. Staying in the tent in the beautiful garden is also possible. During the day, we hike to special nature spots nearby. We also prepare delicious vegetarian meals every day with herbs and greens from our own garden.

All meals are provided during the retreat. If you like to eat regular snacks in between, be sure to bring what you need for yourself, or possibly to share with the group. Tea, coffee and water are provided at all times.

Registration and prices

You can enroll for this retreat through gertdaniels@msn.com

Social price: on request via email
Standard price: 490 euro

Supporter and business price (also if you want an invoice or support someone with low financial income): 590 euro

If you register and pay 4 weeks in advance, you receive a 40 euro early booking discount. Your place is reserved upon receipt of the advance payment of 150 euro via bank transfer via vzw We See You : BE75 7370 3060 4351, stating “Essence of Creation and date + your name”.

If the weekend has to be cancelled, the deposit will be refunded. If you cancel yourself, the deposit is not refundable. You may also always add an additional donation of your choice to your payment – thanks to your contribution, many children and young people from youth care and asylum centres can enjoy Gert’s sessions in resilience training and martial arts.

The Essence of Creation is a retreat we organise on a regular basis throughout the year: the next dates for the Essence of Creation retreat is 10 to 13th of October 2024. You can already send us an email at chamaicentre@gmail.com to enroll – you will then receive a Early Bird discount.

Facilitation team

Gert Daniels

Gert is a treasure of a man, as a dance and yoga teacher he enjoys life. He invites everyone to live from the Heart and Feeling. He is director of the non-profit organisation We See You (dance, singing, martial-arts for vulnerable children and young people and schools), and thanks to many teachers worldwide, he gives the innumerable treasures to those who need them by being softly and listeningly present with what is. His specialities are the Sacred Sufi Dervish Dance and the Sword Dance (Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword). For years already, he is co-organiser of men’s gatherings to guide men more in heart and feeling and inspire young men. Cocreator of the tribe of the Heart, where every Heart is desperately needed in this time of great change. Let’s dance the change you love to see in the world!

www.gertdaniels.dance en www.wcud.be


Sophie Vandenkerchove

Sophie is a lover of the Wild – within and without. Sophie grew up in the forests of the Belgian Ardennes, where she nurtured a strong connection to the land of her ancestors as a child. After roaming wild places in the cities, she moved back to her village with a dedication to offer her life to the well-being and healing of her ancestral land. Out of this, Chamai came into existence: a nature-based learning centre, where she offers residential workshops and experiential journeys in and with Nature and collaborates with others. In her own  work, she interweaves the power of ceremony and presenceness with her soulful love for her place, nature and people. She is passionate about pilgrimages, solo time in nature, silent retreats and all those experiences that bring together a good balance of adventure, presence and gentleness. Feeling and bringing each other home, is her life’s longing and service.



25 April @ 20:00
28 April @ 16:00
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