The place & its history

The Earth House

The Earth house is where your journey begins.

The house is located next to the Old Presbytery of the Chamai center in Hodister. In the Earth house you spend your days in community. The Earth house is very comfortable: it has a bedroom for 2 persons and a possibility to accommodate 4-6 more persons on the first floor. There is a tea space, a wood stove and a pizza oven on the ground floor.

On the first floor there is a large multi-purpose room, which can be separated into two parts by a large wooden door, to make a separate sleeping and/or dining area.

Outside, there is a large terrace, with a picnic table. Under the terrace you will find a washing area with an outdoor hot water shower, a pee-toilet for men and women, a sink for washing up and toiletries and a dry compost toilet. Some of the activities can take place indoors and others in the garden or in the nearby forests. During your time here, you can be as close to nature as you like, to enjoy its beauty and the well-being that its presence gives.

The garden has many pleasant spots to rest, surrounded by trees and shrubs, near our natural pond. There is also a fire space and a smoking area.

The meals are prepared daily with love and care in the Old Presbytery by Sophie and Gert. The dishes are mainly vegan, with some vegetarian options (eggs, cheese and milk from the region). We use locally sourced and organic products, with particular attention to the welfare of the animals and farmers.