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Sophie Vandenkerchove

Sophie Vandenkerchove

The key moments of her life took place in the forests of the Belgian Ardennes. Sophie has been deeply passionate about Nature and its inhabitants for a long time. After traveling through the wild places of this Earth, she decided to answer the call she heard there.

Since then, Sophie has been living in the Old Presbytery of her ancestors in Hodister and offers retreats and workshops through Chamai, the nature retreat centre she has created. Through this life project, she wishes to reconnect people with themselves and Nature. In her work she explores the importance of ceremony, rites of passage, solo experiences, silent retreats, contemplative walks and authentic femininity.

This life project became possible thanks to the ancestral heritage entrusted to her – the importance of intergenerational love, dedication to a place and big, big gratitude. As guardian of this beautiful place, she wants to share it with people who are looking for a connection with their own roots, the beautiful belgian Nature and a simple spirituality anchored in life. As a Presbytery and family home, the place has given many beings a powerful experience of community, acceptance, peace and conviviality over the centuries, and this is what Sophie wants to carry forward to the next generations.

Sophie offers nature retreats and workshops throughout Chamai to reconnect with yourself and Nature.

We also welcome you in our home, with your group for a retreat, workshop, training or activity in Nature. If you would like a guide for your stay or individual nature coaching, Sophie can accompany you. She knows the surrounding forests and places since her childhood and has formed a strong bond with them.


Background and education:


Bachelor in Philosophy and Moral Sciences – Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Zen Dharma Teacher in Training – Kwan Um School of Zen

Guide of Contemporary Solo’s and Vision Quests – School of Lost Borders, CA
Training in Spiritual Ecology – Ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany
Training in Spiritual Ecology – St. Ethelburga’s Center, England

4-year apprenticeship in Celtic Shamanism and Druidism – Ahawa, Belgium
Training in Outdoor Education and Primitive Arts – Outdoorschool, Belgium

Training in Permaculture Design – Ecodharma, Spain

Passionate and autodictact in the world of wild edible plants

If you would like to make use her knowledge or skills for a workshop within your organisation, please get in touch with us through the contact form below.

Sophie is bilingual, so she speaks Dutch and French fluently and also speaks English and German with ease. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a workshop or guidance in your favourite language.

www.chamai.be & www.facebook.com/chamaicentre

Gert Daniels

Gert Daniels


Gert is a treasure of a man and he enjoys life as a dance and yoga teacher. He invites everyone to live from their Heart and Feeling.

As director of the non-profit organisation We See You, he brings movement, dance, singing and martial arts to vulnerable children and young people in youth care and schools. Thanks to many wise teachers from all over the world, he has innumerable inner treasures to share with those who can make use of them. Especially by being present (sense/sense/being) softly and listening with what is.

His specialities are the Sacred Sufi Dervish Dance and the Sword Dance (Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword). Furthermore, for years he has been co-organising men’s gatherings to guide men more in heart and feeling and to inspire young and less young men.

Together with Sophie, Gert is the guardian of this ancestral place in the heart of the Ardennes, and together they are building Chamai into an oasis of peace and love. Together, they bring the wisdom of mother nature to you and especially to the young generation.

Join us to become a cocreator of the Tribe of the Heart, where every Heart is much needed in these intense times.

www.wcud.be & www.gertdaniels.be

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