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Council for the Future ~ Solo on the Land for Nature Guides & Coaches – 9th to 11th of September 2022

9 september @ 12:00 - 12 september @ 15:00

Gathering with like-minded peers and inspiring each other in our work and visions for the future is becoming increasingly important  in these times. We need the power of community in this global world, especially amongst guides who are supporting many. Tending our Earth for the future generations to come, does not only ask for individual commitment and responsibility, but also for visionary exchange in community, supported by ceremony and the land itself.

This ceremonial gathering will be an opportunity for nature coaches and guides to come together,  to forge the bridges between communities and sit on the land together in ceremony. Over our days together, we will get to know each other more intimately and share the dreams coming forth from the land for the future of our kind. We will also share with each other those practices that have or haven’t worked, where we feel that work still needs to be done in the next few years. We will cling our hands and minds together in ceremony and invite the vision to come, during our solo on the land together. At the end of our gathering, we will hold a children’s fire ceremony, to honor, respect  and invite all future generations in our circle of awareness and action.

It is the time now for all generations of coaches and guides to gather amongst peers, to hold this ceremony for the future generation. So that we can once again unite, as one people, to offer ourselves as a gift to be taken by the young ones of the following generations. Because they need us and we need them.

We welcome elder guides or coaches as well as young guides to join us for this ceremony. The strength of our circle will be the diversity of communities and generations gathering together. The importance lies in our ability to gather together and enable the exchange of knowledge and experience from one generation to another, while sitting in ceremony together.

What you will take with you from the gathering

–  Meeting and connecting with a wonderful community of like-minded guides and coaches (both experienced and starting) from the emerging Belgian network in nature connection and initiatory work.

– A collective envisioning on how we could support the emerging network as peers and how we could take on mentorship for the next generations of young guides.

– A ceremonial honoring and celebration of our time together.

–  A deeper insight and commitment into your personal mission as a guide towards the future generations and how other guides from the network might support you towards this vision.

– Experiential understanding of how the natural world can serve as a refuge for personal maturation and individuation, supporting an increased resilience in meeting the challenges of our times.

– The role of initiatory work in creating a life-affirming culture that experientially remembers the embeddedness of humans within the larger web of life.

– Being held by fellow nature and initiatory guides throughout the process.

About the Vigil

The Vigil will be held in the forests of Chamai, in a remote valley in the Belgian Ardennes. Each of us will be sent to a safe place where we will hold the vigil together, as a community. The preparatory councils and ceremonies before and after the vigil will be held at the Chamai center and diverse powerful nature locations in the neighborhood. Accommodation also takes place in the Old Presbytery at the Chamai center, in Hodister (near to La Roche, in the Belgian Ardennes).

If you would like to see more pictures of the place, please visit

The whole ceremonial process will be guided by experienced guides Sophie Vandenkerchove and Karen Segers. The gathering will be a peer-led experience, as both of us will also be participating in the councils and the vigil.  As a deepening community practice, we will also be cooking together during the weekend.


The total contribution for the gathering is 350 euro. This contribution includes accommodation in shared rooms with 2-3 people, meals and guidance throughout the days. 

We want to encourage elders to bring visionary young people to the circle and the young ones to bring their own elders or mentors to the circle. If you come in tandem with an elder or a young one, both of you will receive a discount of 100 euro on the standard contribution. If this contribution would still be a challenge for you to participate, you can send us an email at, so that we can see what could be possible.

You are fully registered after  you have paid a deposit of 150 euro. The remaining amount will need to be paid  3 weeks before the gathering on the same account. Payments can be sent to BE12 7340 4886 7292, Sophie Vandenkerchove. With the following payment reference: “participation Council for the future 2022 – your name”.

If the gathering has to be canceled for external reasons, the whole of the deposit will be refunded. In case of cancellation by the participant 3 weeks before the start of the Solo (without urgent reasons), the deposit will be retained.

Facilitation team

Karen Segers

Being in and with nature has inspired Karen since childhood. Nature is her home. Her heart lies in nature connection: how coming home to your own nature gives joy of life, inner peace and more respect for our earth and all life.

Karen is a trainer, process facilitator and nature therapist and takes both individuals and teams into nature. She is the co-sponsor of Prik Prik, where she inspires and supports care providers through training.

The basis of Karen’s approach lies in connecting communication and a 4-year training as integrative psychotherapist. She complemented this with training as a nature coach and psychosexual somatic coach. Her own passion for yoga and dance also inspire her work. Still, nature remains her greatest teacher. Long periods alone in nature and what the lessons of John Milton and Way of Nature taught her are invaluable.

Sophie Vandenkerchove

Sophie is a lover of the Wild Soul, within and without. She has followed training as a Wilderness Rites of passage Guide at the School of Lost Borders in California. She has also been a long time practitioner of Zen meditation in the Korean tradition and follows a 4 year long apprenticeship into Druidry and Celtic Shamanism. Her experience of  growing up in the forests of the Belgian Ardennes, brought her a strong connection to the land of her ancestors already as a child. After roaming wild places in the cities, she moved back to her village with the strong dedication to offer her life to the well-being and healing of the land. Out of this, Chamai came into existence: a nature-based learning center in Belgium, where she offers residential workshops and experiential journeys with Nature. In her work, she always interweaves the power of ceremony with her deep love for nature and people. She is passionate about pilgrimages, solo time in nature, silent retreats and  experiences that bring together a good balance of adventure, presence and gentleness.

Cover picture: by Chris Hoeree – Earthways pictures


9 september @ 12:00
12 september @ 15:00